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Science today

The immediate purposes of science – description, explanation and forecast of the processes and phenomena of reality, constituting the subject of its study, on the basis of the laws discovered.


Physics That May Be Realistic

The deadlock in physics is explained due to moral-epistemological aspects of basic principles and adopted methodology. A way out of crisis is suggested. It has shown that the long-term infertility of physical science is not due to technical difficulties (limited opportunities of mathematics, insufficient experimental means, etc.) as it is usually represented. However, the crisis in physics has arisen due to arbitrary, non-critical interpretation of key facts and with imposed speculative-artificial instructions. Building a harmonious and self-consistent physics becomes an implementable task with returning to cause-effect, conceptual representation of phenomena and to naturally analytical methodology.

On the question of «Great Unification» in the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density

A very serious problem in modern physics is creation of the Theory of Great Unification, which would give a one source for all famous four types of interactions. In this article the author make attempt for search of similar theory in framework of the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density. Perturbation of substance density is used in this case as a universal element (agent) for all four types of interaction.

To a problem on limitation of a field of application classic mechanics

There is drawn a conclusion about existence of a phenomenon of longitudinal vibrations of moving bodies in fields of forces. The Longitudinal oscillations in motion of bodies (on a course of motion) result from non-uniformity of the retarded potential. This conclusion is logical development of Newtonian mechanics, due to introduction to it of principles of a short-range interaction.

Dynamics of structurefulness (review)

The aspect of complexity trends embraces a very wide range of global phenomena and problems – from inorganic and bio-evolution, techno- and culture-geneses up to sense of history and personal existence. This approach inevitably leads to ecological and ethical applications, enables the development of objective criteria for social progress and morals.

The author considers kinds of complexity, classifies types of simple and complex ordering/dis~ processes, analyzes correlation between complexification and aggregation of micro-forms, offers the concept of reducing diverse (social, economic, ecological etc) effects of human activity to the single scale of integral structural shifts, substantiates objective principles of value assessment and general social management.



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