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To an opportunity of rationalization of representations about mental and social processes


Scientific displays of complex systems are represented to us as the treelike structures beginning with axiomatic or most simple concepts. It is possible to assume, that all ocean of our emotions and the processes connected to them, can be presented as similar structures. To determine a general view of a required tree, it is necessary to find a way to go down from a trembling leaf of own emotions on firm ground of objective laws of a material world. If with similar expectation we shall analyze all accessible kinds of mental activity, we shall come to a conclusion: each sense organ creates in a brain the own description of world around, independent enough, though record can be made on the same nervous cells, especially in deep parts. It is logical to consider sense organs together with managing and executive mechanisms of that circuit where there is a transfer, processing and storage of the sensual information, meaning existence of programs of management and languages of these senses.

We enumerate our sense organs: taste, touch, sense of smell, hearing, sight, muscular feeling with the vestibular device besides the brain reacts to electromagnetic radiations, therefore the organism of the person can be presented as the original radio device. We shall note, that in the control chain of taste sense should be included a digestive system, providing by energy functioning of an organism, and in the control chain of a touch sense (sensitivity of a body) – the systems providing a homeostasis. For the coordination of results of records in various languages of a brain the organism periodically needs time for dream, process of the coordination of records can be accompanied by dreams, activity of the silent, less controllable by consciousness, languages is perceived as intuitive, etc., and simultaneous record in six languages of a brain should be conducted by one mechanism, one writing down pulse, otherwise in coincident models – descriptions can be formed.

Let's look for this mechanism. Because of convenience of researches (we ourselves are laboratory) let's address to movements of the person. Movement is muscular speech. The human skeleton and its muscles can be considered as the mechanism and be analyzed with the help of methods of mechanics. The analysis we shall begin with consideration of the initial position. At free vertical position of a body, in one case, knees can be bent, the weight of a body will be moved on a forward part of foot, the elastic line of a body will located with camber forward, or, in the other case, legs will stay straight, the pelvis will move back, the weight of a body will be on a back part of foot, the elastic line of a body will be located by camber back. At walking a character of an elastic line is kept, and we find out two ways of moving. The first – being rolled from a bearing leg. Position of parts of a body: the head is lifted, shoulders are unwrapped, a high breast, the pelvis is more mobile, than shoulders. The second – rolling weight of a body on a basic leg. In this case the pelvis is located with a more back position concerning a support, shoulders are more mobile, than a pelvis and are leaders in movement. Speaking differently, the organism of the person, depending on position of an elastic line of a body, can roll according to the first law of Newton, or, at more back position of a pelvis concerning a support, is forced to move with additional expenses of energy. Having come to the analysis of any other any movements, starting from powerful ones where all muscles of a body obviously participate and, finishing the weakest, with small amplitude, we come to a conclusion that all of them are reduced to step-by-step movement, and two ways of walking are transformed to two systems of movements of our mechanism. Only constructional features of an organism are those, that character of all movements in two systems is various. Gesticulation, a mimicry, sounding of a voice, gait are various. In system «the pelvis – behind» it is more difficult to perform heavy physical work on endurance as participation in movements of the largest muscles is being reduced, but the realized management of movements is easier. The system «the pelvis – in front» can be named a natural one, recognizing that all children, at least, until when they start to feel themselves as separate persons, move with a swinging forward.

Investigating any movements, we face not only with the difficulties connected to huge volumes of the analyzed information, but also that the more the movement is precisely carried out, the less it is felt. There is a necessity «to feel movement». Learning of any physical activity demanding high coordination of movements, at once in two systems, results in unnatural managing actions. One of muscular circuits of an organism (flexors or extensors) is a bearing one, and another – the controlling one, circuits should exchange functions, that is uncomfortable, but sensitivity of muscles is risen, and management of movements as that was required, remains under control. Programs of management in a brain, usually not felt, start «to puff up» and it is found out «joints» between managing blocks. In due course, it is possible to feel usually not noticed, to sense how tight a communication between movements of hands and words is, how the big and small decisions are made us, and there comes a gradual understanding of that high-grade dialogue would not be possible if there was no preliminary electromagnetic fine tuning of a brain, etc. It is possible to feel existence of a required managing nervous pulse, and also the mechanisms of management strengthening its fragments, that allows to carry out all variety of movements of which the person is capable. Each reader can feel action of this pulse. Having put optical axes of eyes in parallel and motionlessly, it is necessary to try to solve a simple arithmetic task in mind. It appears, eyes should make necessarily movement at each elementary act of thinking. It is possible to assume, that we have found out action of the required managing mechanism.

From positions of mechanics, the person at movement represents complex oscillatory system, transforming vertical elastic fluctuations in movings to a horizontal direction. The system has various own forms of oscillations, with own frequencies. And quantity of own forms is big enough. The person spends a minimum of energy to keep a resonance frequency. This resonance frequency is supported by managing pulse.

The volume of work at the analysis of any movements appeared very big and demanded a lot of time. It was necessary: to learn at a good level some kinds of human physical activity; to choose the kind of physical activity most convenient for research, to learn it so that to know position of parts of a body and work of muscles at any moment of fulfillment of movement in this kind of activity (here, at the analysis of muscles, we face with two systems of movements), to translate «muscular knowledge» to the verbal description; to construct treelike structure of muscular management (the task is solved during optimization of management by movements). Analyzed movements of parts are carried out with different efforts, trajectories, speeds, accelerations under various conditions: in a condition of physical readiness and on a background of weariness, in heat and in a cold, after traumas and after illnesses when it is young and when already in the age, etc.

The sifted and generalized result was expressed as follows: all any movements can be reduced to step-by-step movement, there is a mechanism of management of step-by-step movement and even the elementary act of thinking is carried out by a nervous pulse of this mechanism, that only shades I.M. Sechenov's statement: «All infinite variety of external displays of brain activity is reduced finally to only one phenomenon – to muscular movement». There is an opportunity to apply modern scientific technologies in researches of movements.

There is an easy way to be convinced of reliability of the declared scheme of work of a brain. We use property of an alive brain to process the big files of the homogeneous information, averaging it and classifying it, under condition of existence of expected result. As management of muscles in two systems occurs in different ways, it is possible to assume that work of corresponding structures of a brain is carried out in different ways that should lead to differences in mentality. It is necessary to put system of movements of the observable person and his valuable reference points in conformity. Into number of observable persons can enter not only people of a circle of communication, but also the known people, mass-media shown to us, documentary films, memoirs, etc. And, it is necessary to observe passively, in «a mode of a life». The brain makes averaging and delivery of results itself. By the way, the best object of supervision – the population of the former USSR. Practice shows, that for the usual sane person, not to the researcher, it is necessary one and a half – two year to start to be convinced that between movements of the person and his valuable reference points there is a dependence. In due course it is possible to be convinced that the information, about which there is a speech, simply shouts about itself.

Let's note, that representatives of group «a pelvic – behind» more individualists, in a society they occupy places, basically, in management systems, systems of distributions, in crime and terrorist structures, among beggars. Their valuable reference points are displaced aside sensual pleasures and desires to operate, especially in the age of when sensual receptors are worn already out. As, the own frequency of oscillations, dominating in an organism is higher, representatives of this group count variants faster, and however, all conventional genius representatives of human breed relate to other group.

Representatives of group «a pelvis – in front» are characterized by existence of that mechanism of management which action we mark words: a herd instinct and his derivatives – a collectivism, conscience, love to those whom they consider one of them.

Existence of two systems of movement appears a window in «a dark box» of internal management and allows to present evidently work of a brain in a general view. The suggested scheme of work of a brain allows to see all mental and social human displays a little under other corner of sight, than usually, more volumetric, that, in turn, strengthens belief in the validity suggested. We shall consider some displays.

Arts are necessary for upbringing of feelings, correct thinking. Listening to a folk music and observing movements in national dances, it is possible to find distinctions in «step-by-step pulses» educated by them. These pulses are a little different at persons belonging to different races and peoples that result in differences in thinking and recognition of world around. So, rhythms of music of peoples of white race are usually kept by constants during all performance of composition, yellow race – the rhythm of composition can be variable, and the greatest change of a rhythm – at peoples of black race. Accordingly, representatives of white race are inclined to expect in logic thinking variants for a lot of steps, and representatives black – prefer to consider the greater number of variants. These distinctions are quite observable, but, as well as was spoken already, supervision should be in «a mode of a life» and the number of them should be big. Traditional labour activity and arts of peoples bring up and train ways of preservation of balance at movements on a forward part of a foot. But if there is an opportunity to work less hard, then at a meaningful part of the separate nations may prefer to preserve a balance on a full foot, that it is possible to observe at Jews, the gipsy, some mountain peoples. Similar balance is one of necessary conditions of easily recognized sounding of a voice at cantor and gipsy singing. We shall note also more appreciable differences that people moving in different systems, create different products of arts. Here practically unequivocal conformity is found out, i.e. the work of art illustrates character of movements of its author.

Depending on correlation in development of the languages the person can be introvert or extrovert. Not absolutely recognized results of actions of numerous languages can result in administrative stresses. People should develop systems of algorithms for prevention, mitigations of these stresses. These systems – religions, they also can be extrovert and introvert. Quantity of the big religions is equall to number of combinations on the named parameters.

Observing a gregarious life and individual psychology of such four-footed mammal as hyenas at whom leaders in movements are forepaws, and, living a beside, lions who have leading backpaws, it is possible to notice not only specific, but also managing distinctions. At transition on walking vertically it was necessary for ancestors of the human-being to stop excessive movements of shoulders or a pelvis. In the beginning, while the body has been unopened in a vertical plane, it was necessary to stoop, and it was possible to reduce number of degrees of freedom of pelvis only. Leaders in movements were free hands that have led to sharp increase of intelligence of ancestors. Further, after occurrence of necessity to perform heavy physical work, the body of our ancestor was more and more opened and the leader in movements there was a pelvis. It is possible to assume confidently, that in human community always there were people belonging to both types of internal management. It is understandable, that on bones of a skeleton it is possible to restore not only external shape, but also a bearing. Art and historical documents of the past give curious certificates under a considered corner of sight. A number of reasons allow to assume a nonrandomness of matriarchy in a gregarious life of hyenas and at primitive people. It is possible to say, that a vertical walking and work have become the reason of a human civilization, and two systems of movements have provided speed of progress.

Some assumptions should be unequivocally true (statistically) if the put forward hypothesis is true:

People moving in the strongly expressed form of system «a pelvis – in front» («fine fellow», «bonny lass») do not smoke. It is possible to suppose, that the mechanism starting desire to smoke tobacco, it is very simple;

For the healthy person, a mismatch of results of modeling in managing structures of a brain is stress. Alcohol and drugs are applied to mitigation of these stresses. It is possible to assume, that representatives of group «a pelvis – behind» are more inclined to a drug addiction, and representatives of group «a pelvis – in front» – to alcoholism;

Homosexual leanings obviously should be expected from group «a pelvis – behind». The original cause should be considered developments of stagnation in pelvis area.

Mentally keeping away, for the best review, from our tree, we shall bring some results and we shall draw some conclusions.

During research of movements and searches of mental conformity to two systems of movements we are convinced that all sense organs model world around in a brain in parallel by one mechanism, one general signal. The conclusion can is confirmed or denied by tool methods. Convenient objects of researches could become simple organisms with smaller number of feelings and small quantity of nervous cells if to assume, that repeated duplicating of modeling of world around is a universal principle.

The suggested scheme of work of a brain automatically attracts rationalization of representations about brain activity, structure and development of valuable reference points, that in turn, enables to see ways of optimization of slow social processes. We proceed from a simple. The human brain (in our case – a part of it which manages a sense organ) can be in a condition when it freely, in a «creative» mode, operates with the information. The satisfaction from the work of such brain is more, than from activity of undereducated brain, aspiring to operate in a narrow spectrum of sensual pleasures. It is desirable, that all managing structures function in a «creative» mode, then a system of restrictions and counterbalances arises, resulting to more harmonious work of a brain. It would appear, that this desirability – a necessary condition of the safe distant future if the mankind will decide to get rid of «a shame of interhuman relations». It is necessary to believe, that the first care will be problems of upbringing and education. We would like to notice, that valuable reference points of feeling of taste are displaced under those conditions to preferences of simple and healthy food, and sense of smell – to non-sharp and natural smells.

For a human hostel it is most important an activity of structures of management of muscular feeling and their valuable reference points. These structures are the basic sources of emotions. Comparative power of structures is noticed by a saying «eyes are frightened, and hands make». Training to correct movements – a problem which should be solved in a youth. Age hardening of supporting surfaces of joints puts restrictions of an opportunity to learn to optimum movements. Well «put» movements cause need for regular physical loading. Structures of muscular management to the greatest degree define character of separate individuals and all nation. The basic forming factors supposed to be the landscape, a climate, and natural selection. The opportunity to work physically less (use of work of slaves, application of energy carriers, etc.) causes increase in number of people which valuable reference points are displaced aside sensual pleasures. From here there is an occurrence of societies of material consumption. It is possible to track, how resulting actions of big communities of people, in aspiration to different valuable reference points of two systems of movement, regularly resulted in large contradictions which leaded to world wars, revolutions. The mechanism of occurrence of similar crises operates and now. It is supposed, that objectively optimum valuable reference points exist and it is possible to determine them, and then possibilities will be opened for preventing such a crises in future.

It is thought, that our researches are in a course of I.M. Setchenov's and I.P. Pavlova's researches, in spirit of the doctrine of L.N. Tolstoy, at least, in that his part when he convinces of necessity of significant physical work, especially for people of brainwork.


Date of the publication:

December 15, 2003

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