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Scientific hypotheses

Hypothesis (greek. hypothesis – basis, assumption) – presumable judgement about natural (causal) of relationship of the phenomena; the form of science development.


The Physical Meaning of the Fine Structure Constant

It is shown that the Fine Structure Constant is correlated with the redistribution of intensities in the interference of circularly polarized Compton’s wave, in classical representation. The theoretically obtained number coincides with measured value of α in the accuracy range of last measurement: 10–10.

Onto the question about evolution of the Universe

This paper is brief analysis for models of Universe evolution. It is based on previous papers proposals, inspect of gravitational interaction behavior as well possibility of detection it consequences that evolution of Universe could be more complicated then it is accepted for the time. It is proposed that some abnormal cosmological objects such "dark matter" could be detectable more if use comoving observation features, because there are some differences of Universe evolution is clearances.

To an opportunity of rationalization of representations about mental and social processes

The scheme of work of a brain in common view is proposed. Each organ of senses creates its own description of environment in brain. Simultaneous record in various languages of brain should be done by the same mechanism, by the same recording impulse. Such mechanism can be found under study of muscle speech - movement. The human skeleton is considered as open multilink and analysis is done on the base of methods of mechanic. The psychological and social processes can be explained more rationally.

Philosophy of physics

The offered article is in opposition to relativistic physics, which arose from the works of Lorentz, then was supported by Poincaré and Einstein. For example, the relativistic physics as a modern version was outlined in the book "Field theory" by L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz.

Concepts of the general theory of information

The purpose of the book – to bring together set of existing notions about concept "Information". The offered definition of a concept, familiar to all, allows to look at it as on a global natural phenomenon appearing on micro- and macrolevels. Are defined a place and value of the information exchange processes in the nature evolution. The common properties of these processes and their link with such fundamental phenomena, as exchange of substance and energy are output. The offered approach to learning information processes creates a basis for revealing the laws, on which they proceed, and application of these laws for organization of data reduction systems.

Beginnings of new natural philosophy

The first impressions about space, time and matter we receive from our feels. For comprehension of the world, ambient us, we correct and expand our impressions, which one we receive from our sense organs. Following the laws of logic and principles of development of physics, careful analysis and check of outcomes of experiments allow to be saved of fallacies, create confidence in a regularity of outcomes of researches, just as our sense of touch can supply us with useful items of information verifying that we see by eyes.

Being grounded on «the mathematical beginnings of natural philosophy» of a Newton within the framework of a new mechanics the known natural phenomena can be explained, including wave formation, vortexes, sound, light, steady orbital motions etc. New physics restores basic concepts, causality, determinancy and force of the logical laws.

The cosmological cosmogonic nebular hypothesis

If we could watch all in sequentially increased scales, down to subatomic particles, we could demonstrate all laws of physics. The plasma physics prohibits to stars to have a magnetic field. However it is precisely known now, that both star and planet have it. The solution of this phenomenon is latent in physics of atom. The existence of electronic shells near space bodies results in fundamental consequences, which one confirm by an observation astronomy and play a key role in development of stars and planetary systems.

Flying saucers from the scientific point of view

The number of unexplained sightings of UFO's increases each year. A "well-educated" student will recite, for example, that "humanoids" have learned to "pierce" space-time, and visit us from the twelfth-dimension by means of anti-gravitation. It is intrinsic to the theory of n-dimensional spaces, that superstrings are such... as are incapable of detection or falsification, for there is no possibility to prove or refute the existence of hyperspaces, which exist only by definition, and by analogy to the three-dimensional world. Hyperspaces represent, therefore, not science, per se, but ontological speculation and pure mathematics, and cannot be employed in a truly scientific exposition.

When examining the question of flying saucers from the scientific perspective, we discover that they have the potential for safe, efficient and rapid acceleration. There are no gears, or other such mechanisms so familiar to us today, to break down. The terrible conceptual difficulty of hyperspaces, which renders relativistic "physics" ontology instead of science, is eliminated. In the previously published works ("Light, Photons, Velocity of Light, Ether and other "commonplace" Things" and "The "General Principle of Relativity" does not Exist") the author methodically demonstrates an internal inconsistency of relativistic physics in electrodynamics and quantum mechanics.

These, quite not elementary particles

The fundamental particles in classic quantum mechanics consider as some incorporeal points surrounded by «cloud» from virtual electrons, mesons, nucleons etc., not to identical actual objects. The researchers have noted, that the mass of known particles are distributed in nearby standing groups, and their number in groups is subject to the laws of a unitary symmetry SU (3). However in due course, when quantity of particles became more than 300, the orderly system of classification has failed.

The first actual step to construction of natural classification of fundamental particles is made on the basis of their internal structure. It is possible to construct the physically reasonable theory of fundamental particles, similar to Mendeleev' table, considering an expanse as fundamental property of mass. Such approach allows to establish presence of a direct display of quantum properties, and also signs of a unitary symmetry. So, the level-by-level constitution of fundamental particles is open.

Statics and dynamics of interactions

Logic is unloved stepdaughter of science. It is not learned at schools and institutes, it frequently appears by subject of gamble in science, policy, and journalism. The logic errors allowed at development of physics have resulted in that the classic mechanics consists from separate, irrelevant among themselves parts. So, the law of universal gravitation does not correlate with dynamics, which one actually is dynamics of inertia and law of inertia is not allocated in separate interaction.

Before occurrence of science of «graviodynamics» the phenomenon of gravitation remained virginally primitive and not affected by the researchers. The researchers did not realize the fact of occurrence of graviodynamics. That has led physics to crisis in the end of XIX century and to appearance of theories – fallacies.

Physical analog of a globular lightning

The special premises are required for occurrence of a globular lightning. This phenomenon is not obtained in lab even incidentally.

The hypothesis of the quantum nature of a globular lightning based on the analysis of the descriptions more than thousand eyewitnesses, analysis of the characteristics electrical and magnetic fields of the Earth happening at discharges of a linear lightning in atmosphere is offered.

Stability of a solar system

The scientists study a solar System for many millenniums. The stability of a constitution of a solar system, likeness of epicyclical models and constitutions of atoms have allowed to formulate an general hypothesis: the stability should appear in fundamental laws of the nature.

The available facts and the theoretical premises convince that stable motion on orbit is general phenomenon for any interaction and necessarily having a steady discrete status. The check of the obtained relation for a solar System as a first approximation has shown proximity of a theoretical curve of quantization with observable.

The theories
of mechanisms of interaction and hypothesis about their synthesis

The mechanism of interaction is most important and greatest riddle of the nature. The researchers doubting in the relativistic theory, and them with every day it is ever more, suddenly find out, how much the physicists of pre-Einstein of epoch have made, what powerful base have prepared for development of physics.

The simulation of processes of interaction should rested on the logically stringent ground of models and experimental data. Examples of the mechanism theories in physics: "screen", pulsation and "sources – drains of ether". That fact is remarkable, that the "screen" theory has appeared first, and it was opened triply.

Centenary ethereal war

The problem on a ether is not harmless, it is in "a solar plexus" of physics, its incorrect solution puts a considerable loss to scientific views. Relativists go on to persist in the fallacy. They have created such "brilliant" supercomposite mathematical formalism. They "have broken fire wood" in the irrepressible imaginations with waiving of common sense. And they came into that so far, that now it is inconvenient to them to return on the guilty Earth and to be recognized that they for noting so much time misted a head to all mankind.

The ethereal war is lasting. The supporters of a relativity theory have made forgery in science concerning outcomes of experiments of Michelson, Morley and Miller. This forgery is designedly converted into a title block as an indisputable truth for the schoolboy, student and scientist, how there will be "a centenary ethereal war" depends, whether we distinctly can explain to the grandsons something except for Newton's laws.

"Brilliance and poverty" of quantum mechanics

From first steps of study to the students speak: "Forget that you learned at school..." And they are restrained swallow postulates, explanation, models and mysterious formulas, which one generates misunderstanding and apathy.

The withdrawal from classic principles has resulted, for example, in description of motion of planets and particles in atoms by the different laws. The creators of a quantum mechanics, using the language, methods and analogies of a classic mechanics came to impossibility of fulfillment of its requirements. Classic "the common sense" of concepts is lost. The exciting pleasure of victories and empirical discoveries has passed. There were "Brilliance and poverty" of quantum mechanics.

Gauss, Weber, Gerber and others...

The classic methodology of physics has ripened in entrails of the scientific world from vortexes of the Descartes, in searches of mechanisms of interactions in works of Lomonosov and Lessazh, in wave theories of Huygens, Young, Fresnel... Their works are based on usage of concept of «Aether» as medium of interaction.

New is well forgot old. «Gauss, Weber, Gerber and other...» have established a basis of physics, which one today allow to understand electrical, magnetic and gravitational interactions from unified positions.

Light, photons, velosity of light, ether and others of "banality"

Pleiad of the talented scientists, Huygens, Fresnel, Young, Green, Fiseau, Foucault and other, have created a wave theory of light, which one «has win the victory over the Newton's theory of the effluxшon by irreproachable qualitative and quantitative accuracy of the predictions» (S. Vavilov). It became possible only due to a faith in existence Aether as medium capable of conducting the light. Only two facts detected later, were not entered, as it seemed to the researchers, in a wave theory. It has resulted them in refusal both from a wave theory of light and from an Aether.

Now was found out, that the ultrasonics can also have sharp direction and discretization (if they will be to release it by sections). Whether however it is necessary now to assert, that the ultrasonics is particle and air does not exist?!

The general principle of relativity does not exist

The hypothesis about an inconstancy of velocity of light is experimentally confirmed. This fact refutes existence of a general relativity. But whether there was this experiment unexpected? Whether there was other observations, experiments and facts, which one would contradict to a general relativity? Yes, they were. What can we explain by, that the general relativity has appeared not only, but it is not refuted now, in 90 years later?

The phenomenon of retarded potentials

The phenomenon of retarded potentials discovered by Gauss, and which for subjective reasons was not received by the scientific community, is a fundamental law of nature. The laws of interaction dynamics, which follow from the phenomenon of retarded potentials, have a causal basis and consequently cannot be denied or rejected. However these laws do not conform to the general principle of relativity, which specifies their absence. They show that for a large relative velocity between interacting bodies there is no Galilean principle of relativity, and the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass is absent also. It is shown in this work that Lorentz made the introduction of the general principle of relativity wrongfully due to his incorrect interpretation of the results of the experiments of Michelson – Morley and Kaufmann. Poincaré and Einstein did not state a rationale for introducing the general principle of relativity. They postulated it as an existing fact and considered only the consequences of its introduction. These consequences were destructive and led to a departure from physics to mathematical formalism. That, in turn, led to a rejection of common sense and causality – the main precepts in the development of physics. The original researches of the author in the field of the phenomenon of retarded potentials, which have resulted in the prospective discovery of longitudinal oscillations of moving bodies are in this work. This prospective discovery, in turn, lead to a new dynamics for the movement of bodies, to quantum (wave) mechanics for any interaction (especially important for gravitation), and also to a new causal explanation of nuclear energy.



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