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The world we live in...

Anatolij RYKOV

Today I felt a wonderful sensation, the one pioneers sense in sudden noticing an island in the warm, southern sea. Even Moscow sun shone brightly from above penetrating through clouds still left after several rainy days (which had not given us an opportunity to enjoy the eclipse of the Sun).

Actually, the story I'm going to tell you about began in XVI century, when Newton discovered the laws of gravity and inertia and wrote them in formulae now recognized by everyone. Newton believed that planets (huge mass subjects) attracted each other with the help of a medium that contributed to the transmissions of their mutual gravity. Moreover, he, as well as other scientists till XX century, considered that the light, one type of different electromagnetic waves, was distributed with the help of this medium. It had been given a name: Ether.

Ether supported, the scientist assumed, distribution of light – electromagnetic waves. For this purpose it should have had surprising properties: perfect transparency, masslessness and simultaneously rigidness of a crystal in order to provide the speed of light – 300000 km/s. The latter, mainly in a number of Michelson's and other scientists' experiments in finding out the Earth's movement in relation to ether, at first caused great doubt. Then pure experience proved complete scientists' confidence about "entire" absence of ether. Though before this Fizo had conducted some experiments that naturally confirmed ether's existence. Michelson was a naive scientist, who searched for a motionless ether in relation with the Earth. In fact, Fizo's experiments proved that the Earth draws ether that forms real ether atmosphere around the Earth. The planet does not sustain any obstacles evolving and moving around though it is "wrapped up" with ether.

But science history goes different ways. The idea of ether had been rejected. Then there was a triumphant theory of Einstein's relativity. It was based on a formal mathematical description of empty space, in which space objects here and there are placed: the Earth, planets, the Sun, stars, galaxies, congestion of galaxies and plenty of other "inhabitants" of Universe. Attraction, or gravitation in Einstein's theory, is represented as a space curve around an object, and inertia of bodies – as a simple equivalent of gravity. His theory had enabled a prediction in physics, that later proved to be brilliantly true! The victory over ether was presumably complete; many decades, up to the eve of 2000, the theory of Einstein stood unchallenged. But Einstein reckoned once himself, that his theory was only a form for the contents – ether. A curious remark – much in Einstein's theory and in modern theoretical physics are inexplainable by common sense! Einstein wickedly specified this feature of modern physics: all attempts to apply common sense in physical representations happen to be exposed in theoretical physics as a display of absolute ignorance.

So what happened today, the day after the eclipse of the Sun? Why did the Sun look out from the clouds encouragingly? In dark days, when clouds hid the Sun, I had tried to solve the problem of crystal ether. And today I succeeded in receiving a powerful theoretical proof of its existence!

At the beginning of XX century much was unsealed to science. First, that there was physical vacuum, which modern scientists hesitate to name "ether", though this name should remain prior by sequential order of occurrence. Ether, as appeared, contained "virtual" particles (versus the real ones – they are ostensibly "unreal"!). If ether is illuminated by light which has either high frequency of fluctuations or small length of wave, it absorbs light and lets out real particles: electrons and positrons. In physics, when usual substances were studied, similar processes were called "photoeffects". Still, when ether appears on the scene scientists delay to give the thing its true deserved name. Yes, in "beating out" a pair of electron and positron by the light from vacuum a usual process of photoeffect occurs! And ether – makes up substance! In my assertions – a crystal, which "units" instead of usual atoms, say, for example, of diamond (graphite – coal), constitute the electron and positron combinations. Here they are also beaten out by photons of light.

Thus, my thoughts are derived from the Middle Ages, but on a modern scientific basis.

Today – special day for Ether! The Plank's constant can possibly be linked to characteristics of ether:

where r/dt = c

Where hν = qEdr – equation of photon energy with potential energy of deformation of ether.

E = N (qr2) – intensity of the electrical field of ether from N of units of ether.

dr = 2πνrdt – amplitude of sine wave deformation.

r/dt = c – speed of light and we have received that N = 137,0360 – the number equals to return size of constant of thin structure of radiation!

Shock! And immediately there shone the Sun as a sign of approval to obtained results after gloomy supervision of my attempts – there is something mystical in it... In general, mysticism here has been a core. First, I have never asked myself – in what world we live? And only at the end of 1998 a simple idea occurred in my head – everything in our real world has to have been copied by electricity. Secondly, my "knowledge" advanced from twilight zone.

It's not a secret – all nature lives and moves around with the help of energy of electricity. Our vital and industrial technology is completely entangled by electrical wires. What about gravitation and inertia? They "are filled" with electricity too. I have made a table of characteristics of ether on the basis of already well-known parameters of physical vacuum and got some phenomena – masses of all substances, subjects and space objects are expressed by electrical charges! Inertia in this case can be disposed as interaction of an accelerating moving charge with an electrical field. And the theory of empty space has suffered complete crash in making clear of what was inertia! Ether in gravitation plays a key role. It is explained by a charged medium, which under the law of electricity (law of Coulomb) draws all bodies to each other.

Thus it was possible to draw uninconsistent, physically reasonable, picture of our world. Crystal electrically charged ether lays in its basis. Similar representation in cosmology possibly explains expansion of our Universe.

Brief results of consideration of development of the Universe follow:

The charge of ether initiates general charge of Universe and according to the Coulomb law pushes itself away – from origin of Large Explosion of 12 billion years back to continuing expansion nowadays. But now this expansion goes inadequately slowly – 0,00045 microns per second. Practically our Universe has stiffened in expectation of its opposite movement – to compression. It will be compressed approximately in 10 billion years, because its density exceeds critical density 32 times as much. All these calculations have been made on a new foundation of concept of ether.

Curious figures turn out for, say, Solar system. The Earth's self-pushing charge accurately equals to the attraction of the Earth to the Sun in the farthest point of the latter's orbit. In it the Earth sharply differs from other planets of Solar system; this fact, probably, accounts for development of life on the planet. The charge of the Earth at its daily rotation forms intensity of 37 units of a magnetic field with axis of rotation , and experimentally established size of this magnetic field on the magnetic pole equals to average 50 units. Mars – a mysterious planet: despite of rotation of its charge, in general it does not have any magnetic field – as though someone has taken care of it, for any practical needs the field of Mars is compensated with smart accuracy!

Moreover, all these interesting data on the essence of the world we live in have strict confirmations in physical knowledge. There are necessary in many careful theoretical and experimental researches. Clearly enough that even one done work based on study of ether can serve well for serious attitudes to empty space alternatives.

It is relevant here to remind the reader the history of TOKAMAK, that 20...30 years earlier caused a boom in Soviet science. That idea possibly had infected even pragmatical Americans.

TOKAMAK – a fantastic scientific and technical structure, which should have managed in "complete vacuum" to compress with the help of electromagnetic fields hot plasma up to the temperatures of thermonuclear reactions. The idea was in transmitting energy of the Sun to the Earth. What happened then? There were spent enourmous sums of money as well as exhausting brain-works of outstanding scientists – at the end there was an exhibition of achievement of Academy of Sciences where only 0,5 seconds of plasma "life" in TOKAMAK type installed "cord" was announced... because in longer periods of its life plasma becomes unstable and disintegrated. Here is what a one-side approach to empty Einstein space can result in science!

Space's not empty! It is transpiersed by ether: all of us and all objects are exposed to and merged inside over ether, including TOKAMAK's. Ignoring the factor of ether existence evolves, and ever will in destruction of plasma. The history with TOKAMAK's is experimental confirmation of existence of ether, of what we should not doubt, because each instant of time we feel its action on the Earth as the force of weight. Here is the surprising world we live in...


Date of the publication:

August 15, 1999

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