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The key to physics of XXI century

Anatolij RYKOV

Newton considered, that the gravitation is distributed instantly, gravitation is alike to electrical interaction, light has a corpuscle nature, there is an absolute media of distribution of light – The Ether, the acceleration carries absolute character shown in absolute space.

At the beginning of XX century the auditing of similar sights was finished. The ether is replaced by empty space, in which three coordinates are complemented by time. Einstein simulated gravitation with the help of matrix mathematics as curvature of space – time, and inertia considered as a special case of equivalence to gravitation. The absolute character of acceleration has disappeared, thus putting under doubt an opportunity of definition of a trajectory of body movement through function of acceleration on the contrary to well known practice.

Let's try to give gravitation a certain physical sense. Let's make the assumption, that in a Nature the basis of interaction is made by electrical forces submitting to the law of Coulomb. It is known, that if between charges of an electricity placed in media – isolator, the tied charges of media to undergo of spatial polarization – to a positive charge will be inverted negative parts, and to negative the positive parts of the tied charges will be inverted. And for rather weak charges placed on media, the tied charges will stay not destroyed, at strong charges there will be followed by their destruction and will be discharged by electrical lightning. Let's consider three possible cases in electrical interactions.

  1. There are two charges. The media between them is polarized by them. The polarization will be organized so: at identical on a sign charges of the media of the polarized charges will test self-repulsion under the law of Coulomb, which will be resulted as repulsion of two charges; at different signs charges of media of the polarized charges will test a self-attraction under the law Coulomb, forming force of an attraction two different signs of charges.
  2. There is one charge and not charged object. The charge also will cause polarization of media, which quite naturally will cause answer-back polarization of the not charged object so, that media will form an attraction of the not charged body to a charged body. Other words, between charged and not charged by bodies exist electrical forces of an attraction. It seemed, that the given case contradicts the law of Coulomb. However, the experience confirms existence of force of an attraction between charged and not charged bodies. Everyone can repeat experience of Fales, done by him more than 2500 years back: It is needed to scramble the isolator stick about a woolen material and to bring to stick light subjects (pieces of a dry paper, for example). The not charged subjects will be drawn to the stick. At friction the stick loses external electrons of stick atoms – there is occurence of its electrisation by a static electricity.
  3. There are two not charged subjects which are taking place in media. They test the only possible gravitational attraction. How it is possible to explain this phenomenon with the help of electrical forces? It can be executed only if to make the assumption, that the media itself has a very weak "gravitational" electrical charge. Let's distribute this assumption and to all bodies in a Nature. Then the mutual polarization of bodies and media between them will cause a self-attraction, which will form gravitation, even under condition of presence of a weak gravitational electrical charge of one sign of all bodies and media. It occurs due to the phenomenon of polarization (law of Coulomb), which "is redistributed" so, that there are only forces of an attraction. Each reader can draw on a paper the picture of mutual polarization, proceeding from the assumption, that the tied up charges of both bodies, and media have some surplus of a charge of one sign above a charge of other sign and to find out force of "gravitation".

Thus it was possible to draw a physical picture of gravitation. Similar it was not accessible neither to the law of Newton, nor for the theory of Einstein gravitation (GТR), not for the relative theory of gravitation by Logunov (RТG). The problem of the inertia is even easier, which is also impossible to explain by a traditional way accepted in GTR or in RTG. Any electrical charge moving with acceleration, tests force of counteraction as much alike the post switching on or switching of the current in the circuit, at which are accelerated or the carriers of an electrical charge are braked.

So, the introduction of media and weak gravitational electrical charge of media and all material bodies has allowed to draw a physical picture of gravitational interaction and to explain the phenomenon of inertia. They can be submitted as the formulas:

QS = ρM = 8,6164·10–11 [K/kg] · M
– electrical charge of any body of mass М.

σpol = Q/4πR2 [К/m2]
– polarization of media on distance R from the centre of a body.

F = ξ (4πRΣ12)2 – force of gravitational interaction of two bodies,
where – mutual polarization of media from two bodies 1 and 2.

ξ – electrical constant of media.

Force of inertia
– acceleration of a body.

Let's address to light as to the electromagnetic phenomenon. In a source either from heating, or from the generator there is an intensive movement of real charges (electrons, ions etc.) in a material of a source. The tied charges of media, cooperating with carriers of a charge of a source, under the law Coulomb will be involved in a movement: for example, electron of a source, oscillating, will involve in a parallel movement the polarized charge of media focused by a positive part closer to the electron, negative – is farther on a direction from electron of a source. This process iteratively will be repeated by nearest to the first tied charge in a chain of the tied charges of media. The cross movement of the polarized charges named by Maxwell as a current of displacement will be formed. Each consecutive current of displacement will have a direction, opposite to the previous current, as the charges of carriers of these currents are opposite on a sign and are identical on a direction of a movement. The magnetic fields of such parallel currents of displacement are summarized. At change of a direction of a movement "first" electron of a source there is a change of a direction of currents of displacement, at which the direction of a magnetic field changes also. There is "braking" speed of distribution of cross fluctuations of media under the laws on magnetic or electric changes. The speed of distribution electromagnetic events in media appears to be limited and constant, not dependent from a source and dependent only from electrical and magnetic properties of media.

These properties are designated in physics as electrical and magnetic permeability. Have received a physical picture of radiation and distribution of electromagnetic indignation, which in usual physics is named as an electromagnetic wave. Actually, in habitual understanding of an electromagnetic wave is not present, as well as is not present a Photon, and there is "relaying" of a movement of charges of a source. What then there is a distribution of front of gravitation or, how name in physics – "of a gravitational wave"? The natural assumption – front of distribution of gravitation is longitudinal, limited on amplitude, moving of the tied charges of media.

In "black holes" on border "of horizon of events" the polarizing deformation achieves strength and some layer of media collapses. This phenomenon is named in physics as "evaporation of black holes". The coordinated movement of the displaced charges, at which the polarization is directed along a line located normally to a surface of space object, is accompanied by the coordinated currents of displacement of the same charges occurring in one direction. In this case arising magnetic field between currents is compensated up to zero, and the magnetic field around of all currents of displacement is summarized. However gravitational polarization of media has "central" structure in space, that results in complete absence of a "braking" magnetic field. It, in turn, results in practically indefinitely large speed of transfer of gravitation as against speed of distribution of electromagnetic indignation. The time of distribution of gravitation from edge and up to edge of our universe is about the Plank time! Near to massive objects, black holes, due to large density of polarization of media, the speed of distribution of gravitation and light is reduced, that is usually interpreted as delay of time in the theory GTR.

The representation about existence of media capable to polarization (of electrical deformation), results in modeling known "photoeffect" in physical vacuum (PV), at which the electromagnetic indignation having frequency, exceeding "red frequency border", beats out from media, for example, pair electron – positron. According to Lamb representations (1947) media brings in the certain difference in distances of transition of electrons of atoms of hydrogen, responsible for thin structure of radiation. Constant thin structure (number 137) receives new treatment as number of elementary charges participating at interactions electromagnetic interaction with media. Physical sense "of uncertainty and probable character of trajectories of elementary particles" in the microworld also is explained.

The new interpretation is received by a picture of some cosmological problems of our Universe at a combination Colombian of self-repulsion of charged media (Large Explosion) and of an Colombian attraction of charged media at the presence of usual substance.

Let's summarize. The introduction of media or PV in physics is that key, which can open new physics in XXI century. It will be based not on empty space, in which there can be mathematical features and so-called "material" physical fields, but on real media PV, which, according to the statements of many scientist, has unlimited "stocks" of energy. To take advantage of them existing theories of empty space of our universe somewhat prevent.


Date of the publication:

November 22, 1999

Electronic version:

© NiT. Current publications, 1997