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The world we live in...

Environment – media of the inhabitation and activity of mankind, surrounding man material world, natural and created by him.

Time and Universe

Existing theories do not explain the physical meaning of time and its connection with space. We only know some of time's properties. These are duration, unreiteration, and irreversibility. If time is a measurement, so why it is impossible to move in time in any drection? The given paper tries to offer another approach to the notion of time and to explain its physical meaning.

The key to physics of XXI century

The introduction of physical vacuum in physics is that key, which can open new physics in XXI century. It will be based not on empty space, in which there can be mathematical singularities and so-called "material" physical fields, and on a real medium, which, according to statements of many scientists, has unlimited "reserves" of an energy. To take of them advantages somewhat hampers existing theories of empty space of our universe.

In article is given the exposition of a physical picture of gravitational interactions, from a position of existence of physical vacuum is explained the constancy of distribution of electromagnetic oscillations, phenomenon of inertia, is simulated the photoeffect.

The world we live in...

And today discoveries are possible. The old as the world theory of an ether give no rest scientists. One of the reasons – much in modern theoretical physics does not give in to common sense, for example, physical vacuum, which the modern scientists hesitate to name as an ether.

The author of a article offers consistent, physically justified, picture of our world and universe. In its basis lays crystal-like electrical charged ether.



30 декабря 2015 года

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