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On the possibility of variation of gravitational effect

Vladimir Yumashev

I do not know whence I have come, where I go and even who I am.

A. Schrödinger

In a series of works [1, 2, 3] the interesting effect was indicated which consist of varying of weight of subjects if there is rotated mass. The alteration of weight happened along rotation axis of mass. In work of Kozyrev N. [1] the alteration of weight of the rotated gyro was observed. And, depending on a direction of rotation of a rotor of the gyro, happened either decreasing, or increase of weight of the gyro. In work Podkletnov E. [2] decreasing weight of a subject located above the superconducting rotated disk was observed which was in a magnetic field. In work of Roschin V. and Godin S. [3] decreased weight of the massive rotated disk from a magnetic material, which was a source of a magnetic field.

In these experiments one can to pick out one general factor – availability of rotated mass.

The rotation is inherent in all objects of our universe, from a microcosm up to macrocosm. The elementary particles have an own mechanical moment – spin, all planets, star, the galaxies also rotate around their axis. In other words – the rotation of any material object around the axis is it an integral property. There is a natural problem: what reason causes such rotation?

If the hypothesis about chronofield and it influence on space [4] is correct, it is possible to admit, that the extension of space happens due to its rotation under effect chronofield. That is chronofield in our three-dimensional world expands space, from area of a subspace in area superspace, untwisting it on strictly certain way.

As already it was marked [4], if there is gravitational mass, the energy of chronofield decreases; space extends slower, and that results to appearance of gravitation. In accordance with moving away from gravitational weight the energy chronofield will increase, the speed of the extension of space is increased, and the gravitational effect decreases. If in any area near to gravitational mass somehow to increase or to reduce speed of the extension of space, it will put to alteration of weight of subjects located in this area.

Is quite probably, that the experiments with rotated mass [1, 2, 3] have causes such change of speed of the extension of space. Space somehow interacts with rotated mass. At enough high rotation rate of a massive subject it is possible to increase or to reduce speed of the extension of space and, accordingly to change of weight of subjects located along rotation axis.

The author undertook attempt, to check out the experimentally expressed supposition. As a rotated mass the air gyro was taken. The scheme of experiment corresponded to experiment of Podkletnov E. [2]. The loads from materials of various densities were counterbalanced on analytical balance with accuracy of measurement up to 0,05 mg. Weight of loads was 10 g. Under a cup of balance with load the gyro was placed which rotated with rather large speed. The frequency of a alternative current of the gyro was 400 Hz. The gyros of various weights with various moments of inertia were used. The maximum weight of a rotor of the gyro makes 1200 g. The rotation of gyros was conducted as clockwise, and counter-clockwise.

The long duration experiments from second half of March till August 2002 have not given positive results. The small deviations of weight were sometimes observed within the limits of one point. They could be attributed to errors arising due to vibrations or other, any external effects. However, the character of these deviations was unequivocal. At rotation of the gyro counter-clockwise decreasing of weight was observed, and rotation clockwise provoked increasing of weight.

During the experiment the position of the gyro, direction it of an axis, under various angles to horizon was changed. But also it has not given any outcomes.

In the work Kozyrev N. noted, that the change of weight of the gyro could be detected in the late autumn and winter and even in this case data were changed during a day. Obviously, it is connected to a position of the Earth concerning the Sun. The experiments of Kozyrev N. conducted in Poolkovo observatory, which is located about 60° northern latitudes. In a winter season the position of the Earth concerning the Sun is those, that the direction of gravity on this latitude is almost perpendicular to the plane of an ecliptic (7°) in daylight. That is the rotation axis of the gyro practically was parallel to an axis of a plane of an ecliptic. In summer time, for obtaining an outcome, the experiment should be tried to carry out at the night. Probably same reason has not allowed repeating experiment Podkletnov E. in other laboratories.

On a latitude of Zhitomir (about 50° northern latitudes), where the experiments by the author were carried out, the angle between a direction of gravity and perpendicular to a plane of an ecliptic makes in summer time almost 63°. Probably for this reason small deviations also were observed only. But it is possible, that the effect appeared and on equilibrating loads. In this case, the difference in weight was not observed due to a various distance from weighted and equilibrating of loads up to the gyro.

It is possible to present the following gear of alteration of weight. The rotation of gravitational mass both other objects and systems in the universe happen under effect chronofield. But the rotation happens round any one axis, which position in space depends on any factors, while to us of unknowns. Accordingly, at the presence of such rotated objects, the extension of space under effect of chronofield acquires directional character. I.e. in a direction of rotation of an axis system the extension of space will happen faster, than in any the other direction.

Space can be presented as quantum gas, which fills in everything even inside part of a nuclear nucleus. Between space and material objects, inside which it is located, there is an interaction, which can be amplified under effect of the external factors, for example if there is a magnetic field. If rotated mass places in a plane of rotation of a gravitational system and rotates in the same party with rather high speed, along rotation axis space will extend faster at the expense of interaction of space and rotated mass. When directions of gravity and extension of space coincides, weight of subjects will decrease. At opposite rotation, the extension of space will be decelerated, that will cause to increase of weight.

When the directions of gravity and extension of space do not coincide, the resultant force is alterating insignificantly and it is difficultly to register it.

Rotated mass will alterate gravity in a particular place. In the formula for acceleration of gravity g = (· M) / R2.

Gravitational constant G and weight of the Earth М can not vary. Therefore, the magnitude R which is a distance from center of the Earth up to a weighed subject is alterating. Due to of the additional extension of space this quantity will increase on ΔR. I.e. the weight as though mounts above a surface of the Earth on this magnitude, as results an alteration of acceleration of gravity g' = (· M) / (R + ΔR)2.

In the case of the extension of space slowing down, the quantity ΔR will be substracted from R that will cause to increase of weight.

The experiments with alteration of weight at the presence of rotated mass do not allow achieving high accuracy of measurement. Probably, the speed of rotation of the gyros is not enough for noticeable alteration of weight, as the additional extension of space is rather significant. If similar experiments to conduct with quantum clock, it is possible to achieve higher accuracy of measurement, comparing the indications of two clock. In area, where space extends faster, will increase intensity of chronofield and the clock will have an accelerated course and on the contrary.

Unfortunately, the author has not a capability for realization of such researches, and would be grateful, if someone can conduct similar experiment and to inform outcomes to the author.



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  2. Podkletnov's effect: shielding of the gravitation?
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Date of the publication:

October 5, 2002

Electronic version:

© NiT. Current publications, 1997