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Луи де Бройль. Революция в физике

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Current publications

General educational, cognitive and popular scientific articles

Scientific hypotheses

The abstracts of articles

The Physical Meaning of the Fine Structure Constant

Onto the question about evolution of the Universe

To an opportunity of rationalization of representations about mental and social processes

Philosophy of physics

Concepts of the general theory of information

Beginnings of new natural philosophy

The cosmological cosmogonic nebular hypothesis

Flying saucers from the scientific point of view

These, quite not elementary particles

Statics and dynamics of interactions

Physical analog of a globular lightning

Stability of a solar system

The theories of mechanisms of interaction and hypothesis about their synthesis

Centenary ethereal war

"Brilliance and poverty" of quantum mechanics

Gauss, Weber, Gerber and others...

Light, photons, velosity of light, ether and others of "banality"

The general principle of relativity does not exist

The phenomenon of retarded potentials

Science today

The abstracts of articles

Physics That May Be Realistic

On the question of «Great Unification» in the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density

To a problem on limitation of a field of application classic mechanics

Dynamics of structurefulness

Engineering today

The abstracts of articles

New adaptive variator for automobile automatic stepless transmission and its experimental characteristics

Hybrid power units for municipal buses

The vario-wheel and prospects of its application in cars

New concept of an electric motor car and electrobus

The world we live in...

The abstracts of articles

Time and Universe

The key to physics of XXI century

The world we live in...

Measurements in an engineering

The abstracts of articles

On the possibility of variation of gravitational effect



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