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Konstantin Sinitsyn

Konstantin Sinitsyn

Chief the Department of the automation and operative planning from the Department Communication, Special Engineering and Automation

e-mail: koscmp@yahoo.com

Published Works

I from Russia. I was born on the 21-th day of November, 1960 in Kaluga town.

In 1978 I was graduated from secondary school and passed in Kaluga branch of the MHTS (now it is called The Moscow State Technical University) named Bauman.

In 1984 I was graduated from it with speciality "The constracting and manufacturing of an radio devices".

Since 1984 to 1987 I worked in a research laboratory of this Institute as a scientists. Since 1987 till present days I working in the Department Communication, Special Engineering and Automation. My position is lieutenant – colonel.

In 1991 I proved my professional skills by informational security in Moscow Central Institute The Department of Communication.

In 1997 I have training class as a informational officer on course "System Technology & Certification of Service" in The authorized Center "MicroInform" (Moscow).

I love physics and it is interesting for me on my whole life, but more interesting for me are questions that connected with gravitation.

In 1999...2000 I took part in work of the X (Russia, Vladimir town) and XI (Ukraine, Kharkov town) gravitational conferences.

Published Works

Onto the question about evolution of the Universe

This paper is brief analysis for models of Universe evolution. It is based on previous papers proposals, inspect of gravitational interaction behavior as well possibility of detection it consequences that evolution of Universe could be more complicated then it is accepted for the time. It is proposed that some abnormal cosmological objects such "dark matter" could be detectable more if use comoving observation features, because there are some differences of Universe evolution is clearances.

On the question of «Great Unification» in the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density

A very serious problem in modern physics is creation of the Theory of Great Unification, which would give a one source for all famous four types of interactions. In this article the author make attempt for search of similar theory in framework of the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density. Perturbation of substance density is used in this case as a universal element (agent) for all four types of interaction.

The formalism of the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density and Nature of Gravity

A lot of models exist for description of gravity in general case. These are based on the parameters, that are determined in terms of coordinates and time. In this case the obtained functions not always can be are investigated by ordinary analysis with operations of differentiation or integration. In this connection the author makes more detailed analysis from idea of the Binary Model, which was proposed himself in earlier published papers and it concerns some of fundamental properties of the matter.

On the question about gravity shielding in the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density

In this paper the author makes brief analysis of nature of gravitational waves and components such as a quick and slow gravitons that occured from idea of the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density. Predictions of the Binary Model for scale of cosmology are compared as a test with other models for gravitational perturbations and gamma-bursts that are accepted.

The parameters of "Black Holes" and nature of "Dark Matter" in the Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density

The method for estimation of parameters of "Black Holes" which is based on the Binary Model is not contradiction for ideas of modern models cosmology and for data of experiments. But meanwhile this method allows talking about "Dark Tunnels", which are new structures occured by forming of "Black Holes". The new model for explanation of "Dark Matter" and considered mechanism of diffusion both is facility for explanation the phenomena of gamma-bursts.

The Binary Model of Distribution of the Substance Density.

In this paper the author consider the alternative conception of distribution of the substance density which can be an analog for model of cosmology of Universe. This model have some advantages in comparing with other, because it would be more exact decision than in other models (Gauss, "Mexican Hat", the polynom of 6-th order and others).


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